Mindful Working

Let’s work joyfully like a bee

The practice of mindful working can be a great happiness. It is an opportunity to engage in work while enjoying our practice of mindfulness.

When we sweep the floor, cut the vegetable or water the plant, we stay mindful of our breathing and the activity that we are doing. We speak only when necessary and about the work at hand. We can maintain a light and easy feeling as we work.

When we work in the garden, we get in touch with the plants and nourish our connection to the earth we are living on. Sweeping and mopping the floor, we see that we are already practicing to calm our mind and body.

Mindful working links us to our everyday life. As we are working at our computer or preparing dinner for our family or teaching a class, we can practice stopping, calming and refreshing ourselves with our conscious breathing. We can relax and smile at our co-workers and pace ourselves to maintain a light and serene state of being.