Mindful Parenting Program

“The greatest gift we can make to others is our true presence.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We are not born to be a parent. “To understand is to love.” Hence, we shall cultivate our ability to understand ourselves’ and our children’s needs, difficulties, challenges, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Practicing mindfulness can help us be aware and awake in the present moment, and enhance our ability to understand and connect with our children.

Integrating the mindfulness practices of Plum Village tradition founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Developmental Psychology and clinical experience, an 8-session program is designed to help build loving parent-child relationship through cultivating the power of awareness, understanding, listening, loving speech, calmness, reconciliation and true presence. You would also learn how to apply Manifestation Only Psychology to water the wholesome seeds in our children. Our program approach is non-sectarian, therefore people of all faith could apply mindfulness to improve parent-child relationship and wellbeing.

*Date & Time:
Wednesday; 10am – 1pm
3, 10, 24, 31 October | 7, 14, 21 November | 5 December 2018
*The participant has to be committed in attending all 8 sessions.

Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy

Fee: HK$5,600

No. of Places: 15 persons

Suitable for parents of new born to age 9 child

Language: Cantonese

Ms. Jenny Chan, Registered Clinical Psychologist (HKPS)

Deadline for Application: 26 September 2018

*Register soon, limited seats available.

Enquiry Tel. No.: 2363 1112

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Sharing of Participants


“This program helps us practice mindfulness as a foundation of parenting. I can become aware of the present moment through mindful breathing. The practice helps me have more calmness, less conflicts with children and more harmony in the family. I like the skillful and gentle facilitation of the teacher. Integrating real life scenarios, she helps us understand child psychology in a simple but deep way.” — Yeung



“I have learnt how to be aware of my breath, and how to walk and eat mindfully. Thus, I have more time to rest my mind in the midst of a busy day. My heart has become more open and I can enjoy people and things around me more. Also, I become more able to accept the emotional tantrums of my daughter. The sharing of other participants also helps me reflect on my communications and relationship with my daughter and family members. I can also appreciate my life more.” — YY



“Every session is fruitful and awakening to me. I am very happy that my family members see my changes. Before the program, my children said mom is a tyrannosaurus (meat-eating, brutal). After the program, my children said mom becomes a gentle brontosaurus (vegetarian, slow). Now, the children have more laughter and my family becomes more harmonious and united.” — Paully



“This program helps me understand myself and have more calmness when facing problems. I have learnt a lot about parent-child relationship and I can understand the needs and thoughts of my sons more. This program help me raise my children mindfully.” — Tony



“Parenting is not about power struggle; it is about letting our kids bloom like a flower in their own way and at their own pace. We breathe in and out to feel each other’s presence and to connect. This is mindful parenting. Simple yet powerful.” — Cermain



“I find out that parenting is not just about behavioural management. Building a solid parent-child relationship is the foundation of parenting. I need to take good care of myself before I can take good care of my daughter. I have learnt how to be aware of my emotions and understand the emotional needs behind the behaviours of my daughter. It helps reduce a lot of struggles.” — Fion



“The program design is relax, interesting, fun and vibrant. Through mindful breathing, I can listen to my children patiently and understand their feelings. The parent-child relationship becomes more harmonious after the communication is improved. Also, I have more confidence in facing future challenges in parenting.” — Irene



“When I am mindful, I notice that the present moment can be very peaceful and beautiful. Also, I become more able to handle my emotions and thoughts. When I am calm, I can understand and respond to my children’s needs.” — Kammy


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